Linux Root Filesystem : ROMFS.

Christophe.LINDHEIMER at Christophe.LINDHEIMER at
Tue Jun 10 22:02:59 EST 2003


I need some hints about the root filesystem of Linux.

I worked with booting on a NFS ( nfsroot=/ ... ) it works.
I worked with a ramdisk ( initrd = ... ) it works.

Now on a new board I would like to use a romfs. In fact my ram is really
very very little so I would like to keep the filesystem out of the ram. As I
don"t have any ethernet link on the board, nfs can't work on this board.

So I think I gonna use genromfs to build my filesystem.
Then I flash this at @ 0x04000000 that is my flash @.
Then which parameter should I give to Linux ?

BTW : I use u-boot to start Linux.



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