initrd problem. CRC Error.

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> I think I found out what is a problem
> The thread bi_record and initrd
> Discuss the problem of corrupting initrd by bi_record - board info record.
> As I have no good background in bootloading could you please let me know
> 1. What is a current status of fixing the bug. Are there any
> new kernel version there it was fixed

Don't know. Never ran into this problem.

> 2. Does this problem depends on bootloader. Will u-boot fix it?

Yes, it probably depends on the bootloader. More exactly, itt depends
on the interface between the bootloader and the Linux kernel.

U-Boot works fine if your kernel is configured for U-Boot. I  am  not
aware of a problem that needs fixing.

> 3. Does anybody succeded to use 2.4.18 with initrd? How?

Yes, we did. Many times. We use  U-=Boot,  and  make  sure  that  the
kernel interface fits.

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