Booting Linux without bootloader on Sandpoint X3 with PPC755 CPU, Montavista Linux

dong in kang dkang at
Tue Jun 10 03:42:32 EST 2003


 I try to boot MontaVista Linux on Sandpoint X3 with PPC755 CPU.
I make zImage.initrd for Sandpoint X3, and loaded it on the SDRAM at
I used bdi to initialize memory controller and load the binary image of
zImage.initrd on the SDRAM.
Although I don't use bootloader, I can read/write SDRAM without any problem.
The only change I made is memory size change in
arch/ppc/platform/sandpoint_setup.c file

 size = 128*1024*1024;   /* 128 M bytes */

I also changed the size of memory in the boot parameters.

 However, the Linux doesn't seem to boot properly.
The serial line keeps silent.
It keeps running. When I halt the running with bdi, it is in
Could anybody tell me what's possibly wrong?



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