initrd for MPC860/862 with eldk2.1.10

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Mon Jun 9 06:00:54 EST 2003

In message <E19P0is-000HpJ-00.xol-mail-ru at> you wrote:
> Thanks for your help.
> I still can't go on.
> This is my problem in details. Am I doing something wrong?
> My board is EP PPC862 64M Ram 64M Flash.
> I made following:
> cp /usr/local/eldk/ppc_8xx/images/ramdisk_image.gz arch/ppc/boot/images/ramdisk.image.gz
> make menuconfig , Eanbled ramdisk 4M
>  <*> RAM disk support
> (4096)   Default RAM disk size
>    [*]   Initial RAM disk (initrd) support
> make zImage.initrd

So far, this looks good to me.

> zsrec arch/ppc/boot/images/zImage.initrd.embedded > /tftpboot/zImage.xxx1 ### This will create S-Record image
> After it on PPC it looks like
> >t
> Load using tftp via Ethernet
> Enter server IP address <> :

I cannot help with this part, though. We don't use the EP bootloader.
We use U-Boot on our boards, where things are different (simpler).

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