Is GCC >= 3.1 available for ELDK ? (or other means to compile Ada code)

Detlev Zundel dzu at
Fri Jun 6 21:34:00 EST 2003

Hello Albert,

> Here at work I've been asked to get some Ada code ported on an
> embedded, MPC855T-based platform using ELDK 2.02.
> By the look of it, there are no major risks with repsect to the
> scheduler or libraries or performance; the only problem is getting
> to compile Ada code.
> GCC supports Ada from version 3.1.1 up, but ELDK 2.0.2 features 2.95.4.
> Is there a version of GCC >= 3.1.1 prepackaged for ELDK?

Short answer - no.

The ELDK still contains the reliable 2.95.4 compiler + associated
binutils because there were several problems with the >=3.0 toolchains
on the ppc platform.  To check the situation, I recently compiled gcc
3.2.2 + binutils 2.13 as a cross-compiler for the 8xx platform without
major problems out of the box.  A linux kernel compiled with the setup
ran with no noticeable difficulties so I am pretty confident that
the setup is stable for that platform.

The only reason that there is no pre-packaged gcc >= 3.1 for the ELDK
is the well known 24h/day limit and the fact that no customer demanded
a newer gcc as yet.

Hope that helps

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