bootstrap of virtex-ii pro eval board ML300

NARI_DHY nari_dhy at
Thu Jun 5 15:12:44 EST 2003

> As Scott describes correctly the preferred method of booting ML300 is through
> System ACE CF. System ACE CF reads ACE files and programs the FPGA and the
> PowerPC processor through the JTAG chain.
System ACE CF reads one of the .ace files (at most 8) from the first partition of FAT16/FAT12 fs.

> On power-up or reset System ACE CF reads the ACE file from the MicroDrive or
> CompactFlash card and in a first step programs the FPGA. Then, in a second
> step, from the same ACE file, it programs the processor, i.e. similar to an
> external debugger it loads code and data contained in the ELF file into the
> processor memories, sets the PC to the start address, and starts executing the
> program.
what is this "it"? Is it System ACE CF or other small executive edited by developper?


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