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> We implemented a verification feature to ppcboot for products that performs
> a crc32 check before branching to an image. If the crc32 fails to match a
> stored checksum, it will check a secondary image, if that one fails too then
> we usually default to a tftp from a well known tftp server that we have
> accessible. One could take this to as much extreme as desired, but that's up
> to the system designers to deem what's reasonable and what's overkill. The
> key is the primitives to do such are in place.

What exactly did you "implement" for this?

All this is already in place with the standard PPCBoot / U-Boot.  And
has been there right from the first versions.

> ppcboot allows this to be quite easy since the bootcmd can contain several
> commands.

Right, this allows for simple applications like you described above.

More complex things are possible by enabling the hush shell.

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