Bare bones filesytem using Karim's book

Karim Yaghmour karim at
Tue Jun 3 09:56:18 EST 2003

Hello Brian,

Apart from what Wolfgang has already said, I would add the following
- Make sure the library you are linking your init to, whichever one it
may be, is actually functional. I have seen some glibc versions
compile fine and fail to work on the target. See the 4th paragraph
on p. 112 for an example. Suggestion: try a different C library
- Your libs may not be properly located. Suggestions: try linking
your init statically.
- Try putting something else as init. Use the init= kernel boot param
to pass some custom statically linked program that does something
obvious (while(1) printf(...); for example) and check if that works.

brian.auld at wrote:
> Any quick thoughts on why this might be happening? To provide a comparison benchmark as I worked through this, I copied the (i) dev files, (ii) inittab and (iii) rc.sysinit from chapter 6 of the book (my "from scratch filesytem") to the ELDK stripped down target filesystem and this setup still boots.

Right, this sounds like a library thing. Though I may be wrong.

> Most of the above were left in as I felt they needed to be there or they were "required" sysVinit or initscripts, which I didn't want to remove...

Better watch out for having both sysVinit and BusyBox-init as Wolfgang
already pointed out.



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