ep8260 board linux port serial port problem

Kiran Mandava kiran.mandava at skystream.com
Wed Dec 31 04:10:53 EST 2003

Hello All,

	I am trying to bringup linux 2.4.22 on ep8260 board. i have the
U-boot running fine. while booting the linux kernel the execution path is
looping in serial_console_write(verified it thr'u JTAG).SMC1 is configured
as the console.

      For the SMC port the code is setting up the proper Rx/Tx descriptors
in the on chip DPRAM and it tries to use the actual buffers from the RAM (on
the 6xx bus in this case) the code loops in the serial_console_write, but if
i change the actual buffers to be from the on chip DPRAM itself the serial
port works fine.(I guess this is how it is done in the U-boot too)..did
someone face the similar probelm, any sugestions would be greately

      RAM seems to be working fine, as the code gets relocated properly to
RAM and executes from there.


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>Hello All,
>  I am trying to port linux 2.4.22 onto ep8260 board. (256 MB
>RAM on 6xx
>bus/ 32 MB Flash) using tools and source code from denx webisite.
>  I was able to port u-boot and trying to boot linux now.
>  i couldn't find any specific files to this board in the
>platform directory
>although est8260.h file has the basic bd structure. the
>problem i am facing
>is the processor loops in serial_console_write/ timer
>interrupt handler. i
>made sure that i am passing the baudrate proeprly by looking at the bd
>structure while passing teh control to start_kernel function.
>  My console does display everything properly running u-boot
>but once the
>control goes to linux don't see anything on the console.
>i made only the following changes for th elinux boot.
>	1. in uart.c made sure that the console port is defines as SMC1.
>	2. defines the SMC2 to be serial port too
>      3. FCC3 is configured as the ethernet.
>and compiled and tried to boot the image, but i couldn't. i do
>have a BDI
>JTAG device and i was able to see the RAM properly.
> could some one throw light on what i could be doing wrong,
>any sugestions
>are greatley appreciated. I bet some one would have done this
>years before..

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