porting linux on to mpc8250 processor

mallikarjuna raju malli_arjuna at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 27 16:03:13 EST 2003

can u suggest me how to start with porting linux on to mpc8250
the host system i am using is i386 processor with redhat 9 linux running on
and the porting on to mpc8250 as target system.
some body has suggested me to first go for developing a toolchain setup.
can any one suggest me how to proceed for this as this tool chain should be
a host /target development toolchain, with some cross compilers etc.

please help me out in this regards

bye mallikarjuna.

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>Dear Kevin,
>in message <3FE6DCB3.109 at catapult.com> you wrote:
> >
> > For my end target I have to boot across a shared memory
> > interface by placing the executable into RAM.  This is
> > part of a multi processor system where the Linux board
> > is a cPCI slave.  The Linux board will not have a flash
> > or a network connection.  I is held in reset by the master
> > until the s/w is loaded and then released.  This is an 8275
>This has been done before. See for example the  "PN62"  configuration
>in U-Boot.
> > Any suggestions on how to do this ?
>Use U-Boot...
>Best regards,
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