ep8260 board linux port

Allen Curtis acurtis at onz.com
Sat Dec 20 03:05:23 EST 2003

>   I am trying to port linux 2.4.22 onto ep8260 board. (256 MB RAM on
> 6xx
> bus/ 32 MB Flash) using tools and source code from denx webisite.
>   I was able to port u-boot and trying to boot linux now.
>   i couldn't find any specific files to this board in the platform
> directory
> although est8260.h file has the basic bd structure. the problem i am
> facing
> is the processor loops in serial_console_write/ timer interrupt
> handler. i
> made sure that i am passing the baudrate proeprly by looking at the bd
> structure while passing teh control to start_kernel function.

How are you creating your boot image. If you are following the u-boot
directions then you don't need any board specific support in the
kernel. If you are trying to boot zImage, then you have more work to

>   My console does display everything properly running u-boot but once
> the
> control goes to linux don't see anything on the console.

Did you happen to customize the BAUD rate information for u-boot or
Linux?  The u-boot default is 115K, Linux default is 9600.

Another thing that I have run into is the clock divider configuration
by u-boot. Try changing your minicom baud rate up or down by 4X and see
if you see anything then.

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