Executable delay

James Bates jbates at paradise.co.uk
Thu Dec 18 04:11:07 EST 2003

Hi All,

I'm getting some funny behaviour on my MPC8260ADS based system.

I am mounting my DiskOnChip 2000 on /mnt/doc. It all seems fine until I try
executing something from it. Trying to execute anything from the doc takes
ages, execution will not occur until a good 2 minutes after you have typed
the command. I have tried this with the most basic of programs and it still
does the same. Everthing runs fine when executed from the nfs mounted root

I know that this is not a hardware problem because I can boot into Bluecat
linux and access the filesystem without problems.

I have tried setting Use short timeouts but it makes no difference.

I have the latest eldk and 2.4.23 kernel from linuxppc_2_4_devel.

Looking into this problem a little deeper we put a logic analyser on the
DiskOnChip and discovered.

1) All large reads ( > ~10K get stuck)

2) Looking at the "top" output. Any process that accesses the DOC quickly
gets put into the D state (Task Uninterruptable).

3) Kicking off a new process brings the accessing process to life for a
short while it then goes back into the task uninterruptable state.

It smells like an mtd driver problem but I havn't the foggiest where to
start looking for the solution. Any ideas greatly received.

Kind Regards,

James Bates

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