Cross-compile package combinations

Silverton Aron-C1710C Aron.J.Silverton at
Wed Dec 17 06:14:24 EST 2003

Ashwin Bihari <mailto:raz0redge at> wrote:
>> I do have a another question, though.  Let's say that I want to
>> use my own kernel instead of having crosstool download it.  What
>> would be the proper set of steps to take to specify a local
>> kernel?  My current kernel is
>> 2.4.20 and I know that the combination of gcc and glibc that I
>> want to use with crosstool specifies 2.4.21.  I'll probably work
>> on bumping my kernel up.
>> Aron
> The way I did this was to use crosstool to just create the
> cross-compiler for me. From there I took it upon myself to
> install it in the appropriate directory and then compile the
> kernel I wanted. That proved to be easy enough for me.
> ~Ashwin


I was referring to the kernel headers used to build the tools as opposed to the building of the actual kernel.  I'll have to look through the crosstool scripts, but I'd guess that if the file already exists, it won't download it.  I'll probably bump up the version on my kernel to match what crosstool wants to see and then put it in the location that I specified in my crosstool configuration.



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