How can I move to newer kernel??

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Mon Dec 15 15:19:46 EST 2003

In message <000f01c3c2b7$aa15e070$3901a8c0 at sunzj> you wrote:
>    I am working on running linux on PPC 860T(Motorola ). I used the
> kernel2.4.4 from Denx which works fine(thank Denx).I want to use the
> newly kernel version e.g. the 2.4.1x,2.4.2x or 2.6.xx. I am using the
> FADS860 boards.

We have version 2.4.23 in the linuxppc_2_4_devel module  on  our  CVS
server. It has a "FADS" default config file.

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