PCI display adapter / MPC5200

David MAZUR dmazur180 at dpeurope.be
Sat Dec 13 03:13:08 EST 2003


I am using the latest CVS version from the Denx LinuxPPC_2_4_devel tree.
Apparently the PCI bridge on the MPC5200 should be fully supported in the
linux kernel, but I am having varying results with PCI adapters on the
Lite5200 eval board.
A Belkin USB-4 port adapter (PCI 3.3V/5V) is successfully detected and can
be accessed.
However, an ATI Radeon 7000 PCI (also 3.3V/5V) adapter is simply not
detected (when doing a scan through PCI config space).

As I would like to be able to have graphical output on the Lite5200, I
would like to know if anybody has been successful in using a PCI display
adapter on the Lite5200 with a recent LinuxPPC_2_4_devel tree ?


Best Regards,
David Mazur

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