Lost+Found directory (was: self image)

ARIBAUD Albert a.aribaud at giat-industries.fr
Thu Dec 11 20:39:39 EST 2003

Wolfgang Denk wrote:

> > How come the lost+found directory is large, or even has a
> > single entry to begin with? I thought it was used by fsck
> > to collect file data lost due to file system corruption
> > over time; so in a freshly built embedded image, there
> > shouldn't be any of that. Did I miss something?
> When the filesystem is created (by mke2fs) special care is  taken  to
> create a big directory that allows for many entries to be reconnected
> without  need  to  grow  the directory which could be dangerous on an
> already corrupted filesystem. Have a look:
> [...]
> to "blow up" the lost+found/ directory to allow  for  a  sufficiently
> large   number   of   directory   entries.  Today  mke2fs  does  this
> automagically (and people forget why it needs to be done).

Count me out of there: I didn't have the faintest idea about it to
begin with, let alone forget that idea. :)

However, I was dumb not to think of risking corruption while fsck-ing
the filesystem. :)

Thank you wolfgang for your explanation!


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