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Dear Alessandro,

in message <004f01c3bf0e$1839e2c0$0400a8c0 at eurostudio.local> you wrote:
> I'm just looking at the SELF image and I observed that when I extract the
> image and try to rebuild it
> (without adding or removing any files) the dimension of result file is about
> 9KByte greater  than the original.
> I have followed the procedure "How to increase the Size of ramdisk" to
> generate an 8MByte ramdisk thus I
> was expecting a small increase of the bytes amount, but never as reported.
> Do you think I'm wrong somewhere?

Your new filesystem is twice as big as the old one, so it  will  have
more inode blocks etc. Also, you may notice that our filesystem image
does not contain the (rather large) lost+found firectory.

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