405 TLB miss reduction

Dan Malek dan at embeddededge.com
Thu Dec 11 04:08:34 EST 2003

Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:

> ....We
> can regain a few percent by using the kernel option CONFIG_PIN_TLB
> but we are thinking about further kernel modifications to reduce
> TLB misses. What comes into my mind is:

If you have a large application I doubt any kernel modification
will gain much.  It's the application causing the huge amounts
of tlb misses, you probably need to evaluate changes that will
reduce that.

It's always easy to pick on the kernel and make some changes
becaue it is a very static and well behaved application.  It
seems your biggest performance increase would come from the
analysis of the application and some redesign to improve its
use of system resources.


	-- Dan

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