mpc8xx memory mapped 16550 external UART

Raghu raghu_dk at
Wed Dec 10 14:20:56 EST 2003

Hello All,
I have been following the mail,

( Subject: mpc8xx memory mapped 16550 extrenal uart
driver ) posted on the linux-embedded list. I have a
MPC852T based custom board with TL16C752B Dual
external UART Chip with 25 MHz clock mapped on CS6 and
CS7 and a SMC1 UART. Following the intructions in the
mail I am able to get both the SMC1 UART and Dual
external UART configured and working. But I see couple
of issues.
1. When the SMC and Dual UART both are configured with
CONSOLE outputs directed to SMC, the console outputs a
line at a time and probably goes to sleep mode,
displays another line only if I press a "CNTRL-Z" key.
2. The /proc/tty/driver/serial entries shows only SMC

Warm Regards

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