mtdcr and mfdcr macros

Eugene Surovegin ebs at
Thu Dec 4 07:02:57 EST 2003

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 10:25:18AM -0500, Verberk, Bep wrote:
> I'd like a sanity check on a change I am considering to
> these macros....
> I had some difficulty executing these macros
> (found in include/asm/processor.h) in a loop, eg:
> #define DMA0_BANKS 	4
> #define DCRN_DMA0_BASE	0x100
> #define DCRN_DMA0_CR(bank)  (DCRN_DMA0_BASE + (8 * (bank)))
> 		for(i=0;i<DMA0_BANKS;i++){
> 			dma0_cr = mfdcr(DCRN_DMA0_CR(i));
> 			CLEARBITS(dma0_cr, DMA0_CR_PCE);
> 			mtdcr(DCRN_DMA0_CR(i), dma0_cr);
> 		};

You cannot use mtdcr/mfdcr with DCR number changed on run-time. These
instructions encode DCR number in their body (look at the instruction
format in any 4xx manual).

And, yes this is major PITA.

The only way (I know) to use dynamic DCR numbers is to have a table
with mfdcr/mtdcr instructions for every possible DCR number and jump
on the correct one depending on supplied DCR number.


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