how to use busybox to make a ramdisk?

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Sat Aug 30 02:42:12 EST 2003


I kind of cheated and used the DENX ELDK ( ramdisk that
came with his stuff (mainly for the /dev entries).

But there is also a good tutorial on how to create ramdisk images.

The only thing that I do differently is that I use a loopback device like
  mount -t ext2 filename /mnt/image -o loop
This stops mount from complaining to me and I like that.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Brian Padalino

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Subject: how to use busybox to make a ramdisk?

Hi all,

I want to get some detail documents about how to use busybox to make a
ramdisk!!  Does anybody know? Is it to use mkinitrd ?

Thanks & Regards
John Zhou

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