kernel module for debugging MPC82xx

Alexander Hollinger alexander.hollinger at
Wed Aug 20 07:50:43 EST 2003


I want to present a kernel module for debugging registers and
memory regions of MPC82xx boards via proc file system. The
code is released under GPL.

Information about registers or memory regions is exchanged via
the proc file system under entry-point /proc/driver/mpc82xx.
Both read and write access are supported.

More information is found in the README-file. The package is
attached to this posting (mpc82xx_proc.tar.gz).

Perhaps this helps in debugging your MPC82xx :o)

Kind regards,
   Alexander Hollinger

Alexander Hollinger (alexander.hollinger at
ICN CP D NT SW3, Siemens AG
Hoffmannstr. 51, 81359 Muenchen
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