ELDK 2.1.0, kernel 2.4.21, MPC8245, ntpd

Mark Hatle fray at mvista.com
Wed Aug 20 05:04:49 EST 2003

emanuel stiebler wrote:
> Hi all,
> I get a "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" on my system using ntpd.
> I checked the archives, and there is one messeage about something like
> this on a 405.
> Is anybody working on this ? Did I missed some patches ?

If you clock is sufficiently out of date..  (I.e. 50/60 more? years
wrong) then you can get into an overflow situation.  While I've never
seen it segv, I have seen it do other 'interesting' things.

Try setting your clock to Jan 1 2000, then run ntpd and see what happens.


> cheers & thanks

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