[U-Boot-Users] hang up after start_here

S. Hebbar shebbar at tejasnetworks.com
Mon Aug 18 22:51:32 EST 2003


I am having the exact same problem. It doesn't return to start_here label
after executing RFI instruction. (linux-2.4.20)

linux-2.4.20/arch/ppc/kernel/start.S ==>

  mfmsr r0
  ori r0,r0,MSR_DR|MSR_IR
  mtspr SRR1,r0
  lis r0,start_here at h
  ori r0,r0,start_here at l
  mtspr SRR0,r0
  RFI       /* enables MMU */

I have 128Meg or SDRAM  on a MPC8260 board.
The initialization sequence in U-BOOT is as follows.

void initdram()
#define CFG_SDRAM_BASE 0x0
#define CFG_IMMR 0x60000000

  int i;
  int      size;
  int      cpu_type=0;
  volatile immap_t *immap  = (immap_t *)CFG_IMMR;
  volatile memctl8260_t *memctl = &immap->im_memctl;
  volatile uchar c = 0;
  volatile uchar *ramaddr = (uchar *)(CFG_SDRAM_BASE) + 0x110;

/* Set OR1 and OR2 values */
memctl->memc_or1 = 0xf8002940;
memctl->memc_br1 = 0x00000041;

* Quote from 8260 UM (10.4.2 SDRAM Power-On Initialization, 10-35):
* "At system reset, initialization software must set up the
*  programmable parameters in the memory controller banks registers
*  (ORx, BRx, P/LSDMR). After all memory parameters are configured,
*  system software should execute the following initialization sequence
*  for each SDRAM device.
*  1. Issue a PRECHARGE-ALL-BANKS command
*  2. Issue eight CBR REFRESH commands
*  3. Issue a MODE-SET command to initialize the mode register
*  The initial commands are executed by setting P/LSDMR[OP] and
*  accessing the SDRAM with a single-byte transaction."
* The appropriate BRx/ORx registers have already been set when we
* get here. The SDRAM can be accessed at the address CFG_SDRAM_BASE.

  memctl->memc_psrt = psrt;
  memctl->memc_mptpr = mptpr;;

  memctl->memc_psdmr = (ulong) psdmr | PSDMR_OP_PREA;
  *ramaddr = c;

  memctl->memc_psdmr = (ulong) psdmr | PSDMR_OP_CBRR;
  for (i = 0; i < 8; i++)
    *ramaddr = c;

  memctl->memc_psdmr = (ulong) psdmr | PSDMR_OP_MRW;
  *ramaddr = c;

 memctl->memc_psdmr = (ulong) psdmr | PSDMR_OP_NORM | PSDMR_RFEN;
 *ramaddr = c;

I have turned off Data cache in U-BOOT. If I enabel D-CACHE, the code hangs
in U-BOOT itself.

Any help is very much appreciated.


\ <OFE8EA1A87.9A7B8A06-ONC1256D86.0028950A-C1256D86.002D5CE3 at se.wavetek.com>
you wrote:
> I've debugged and found that the board hangs in start_here function and
> doesn't reach the early_init function.
> Because the problem appears on only one of my boards out of 16, I suspect
> a hardware problem, and because it occurs just after mmu initialisation
> and caches enabling, I suspect more especially sdram accesses.
> I want to know if anybody has encountered a similar problem and if the
> diagnostic was the same.

This is a standard problem, which can show up in many forms.  My  bet
is  that  your  SDRAM initialization sequence is incomplete / broken.
Remember that it is NOT sufficient to set up the  mmeory  controller,
you must also intialize the SDRAM chips themself.

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