Problem Programming Flash using BDI2000 on MPC8260ADS board

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Sat Aug 16 03:17:01 EST 2003

Dear Joao,

in message <DEF39A0710293E489D45B10E06645CBD021EA386 at> you wrote:
> ### Problem #1
> Again after erasing the whole flash, the prog command (see below) shows
> progress and returns a valid response

This doesn't sound like a problem to me :-)

> BDI>prog 0xff800000 u-boot.srec SREC
> Programming u-boot.srec , please wait ....
> Programming flash passed
> however, when reading back the flash the contents of the flash still
> display all FF's

Note that the "prog" command does not list a  load  address,  but  an
OFFSET.  The  u-boot.srec file already contains a load address, which
matches the TEXT_BASE defined in your board/*/ file - if you
add a offset of  0xff800000  you  are  programming  the  image  to  a
different location than you expect.

Also, I don;t think that 0xff800000 is where you  want  to  burn  the
image  to.  For the MPC8260ADS board, TEXT_BASE is set to 0xFFF00000,
so this is what you should try.

Finally, it makes little sense to waste your  time  with  a  S-Record
file - programming a binary image will be much faster.

So try:

	prog 0xFFF00000 u-boot.bin BIN

[untested, as I don't have such a board]

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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