MPC7410 doesn't work with linux-2.4.20-denx

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Fri Aug 15 18:42:10 EST 2003

Dear Christian,

in message <200308141128.h7EBSnQ06089 at> you wrote:
> I'm currently trying to get linux running on an embedded board:
> 	* MPC7410 Rev.1.4
> 	* PowerQUICC (MPC 8260)
> 	* RAM: 128 MB
> 	* Flash: 64 MB
> 	* Kernel: 2.4.20-denx
> For some reason, it doesn't boot properly. It says "Now booting Linux",
> after that something triggers a hard reset. For the last 2 weeks I tried

A couple of questions:

* Which bootloader are you using?
* Are you sure that the SDRAM initialization is correct?
* Are you sure the information passed from the bootloader to the Linux
  kernel (memory size, clocks, ...) is correct?
* Finally: did you disable the software watchdog?

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