jffs2, kupdated and wdog to

Jaap-Jan Boor jjboor at aimsys.nl
Wed Aug 13 21:27:08 EST 2003


I use a kernel timer (add_timer) to strobe proprietary wdog implemented
in hw. I notice that once in a while when the kupdated task gets busy,
my kernel timer is not called for a long time (400 - 500 ms) because
of jffs2 administration (e.g. jffs2_free_inode_cache).

I still use the Denx 2.4.4 eldk 1.0 kernel. Does somebody know of
a more recent jffs2 that calls schedule() more often or is this
behaviour changed in kernels with the preemptible patch?

In addition, is there a better way to strobe watchdogs then using
a kernel timer?



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