load_elf_bin problem

dong in kang dkang at east.isi.edu
Thu Aug 7 23:22:23 EST 2003


 The linux kernel boot up well till the last stage to call /bin/sh.
It crashes inside of load_elf_bin.
More specifically

   load_elf_bin()  --> setup_arg_pages() --> put_dirty_page();

Inisde of put_dirty_page() routing, it crashes at
   if (!pte_none(pte)) {

The program accesses pte->pte, but the address of pte->pte is not translated
to physical address properly.
So machine exception occurs, and the kernel crashes.

 Is it paging problem?
I turned L1 and L2 cache off because those have defects.
Does it cause any problem to paging mechanism?

 I'll appreciate your help.


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