Rakesh jagota j.rakesh at gdatech.co.in
Tue Aug 5 17:14:41 EST 2003

We want just the basic browser. We have tried with viewml, and dillo, but we
are not able to compile with "ppc_405-". We have tried with pango, gtk, glib
etc ( for dillo) . but we are not getting it. Can you suggest me some link so
that I can just compile the source with ppc_405.

Thanks & regards,

On Tuesday 05 August 2003 10:41 am, Dan Kegel wrote:
> Rakesh jagota wrote:
> > I am working on custom design board based on IBM 405 powerPC based. I am
> > looking for browser, can anyone sugggest me the link for the browser. I
> > am working ln linux. I am using linux source code from montavista.
> So you're looking for source code for a web browser?
> What are your requirements?
> - Dan

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