750/107 CHRP question

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Aug 1 22:17:35 EST 2003

Dear Richard,

in message <3F2A2CB6.4030104 at windriver.com> you wrote:
> > My understanding is that more than just a static  mapping  is  needed
> > for full MMUP support.
> You are correct. Only the kernel and drivers statically linked can be
> easily debugged. It could be possible to debug modules but since the
> addresses change every time you load them it would not be practical. You
> would have to edit the symbol files (*.ab) each time.

Thanks for confirming this.

> For complete MMU handling the debugger would need to know where to find
> the mapping tables and remap it's symbol info. None of our debuggers can
> do that yet.

Are there any plans to add such support?

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