compile a linux kernel for ppc4xx, error message

caixupeng edmoon at
Fri Nov 22 21:26:04 EST 2002

I  download the newest develeping version of linux kernel from bitkeeper.
And compiled without any errors.

I don't have any Montvista or others. I only have binutils-2.13 and gcc-core-2.95.3.

thank you very much!


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> 1. The Linux kernel is available as a tar'd file from the following site:
> 2. These kernels are in a constant state of change, as developers upload
> revised versions.
> 3. The latest version is titled "BitKeeper  2.4 development".  This actually
> contains  kernels targeted to a number of  processors in addition to the
> 440.
> 4. The tar'd file should be downloaded to a local machine then  untar'd,
> which will in turn yield a set of directories for the  different kernel
> targets.
> 5. Traverse to the 4xx directory, and therein will reside the necessary
> source code.
> 6. In order to compile the software, I believe you will need the MontaVista
> cross compiler. [ Do you have Montavist compiler, if not try "Embedded Linux
> Development Kit" at]
> 7. In order to make the kernel,  If you just want to play with the _devel
> tree then use your
>  ppc_405- toolchain to build the kernel. Edit the top-level Makefile to say
> "ARCH := ppc" and "CROSS_COMPILE := ppc_405-". [ If you don't have
> "ppc_405-" tool set, set the appropriate compiler you hv]
> make ebony_config
> make oldconfig
> make dep
> make clean
> make zImage

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