linuxppc-2.5 / Sandpoint X2

bhupinder sahran bhup_sah at
Sat Nov 16 04:17:16 EST 2002

Looks like there is some problem in mapping of serial
port interrupt. Because after booting the kernel
serial port will work in interrupt routine.Now u have
to verify two things :

1. in openpic what is the interrupt vector for serial
2. Same interrupt vectupr u have to program in ur
serial.h file.....

may be u will have a success if not send me ur
sandpoint_setup.c & openpci_irq.c & kernel booting



Linux +HyPERtransport --->Silicon

--- John Traill <john.traill at> wrote:
> I'm having problems getting linuxppc-2.5 running on
> an X2 Sandpoint system. Firstly there are a couple
> of failures
> during the build relating to changes in the
> interrupt handling. I've made the obvious changes in
> sandpoint_setup.c
> openpic_init(1,0,NULL,-1) -> openpic_init(0)
> i8259_poll() -> i8259_irq(regs)
> The kernel boots, mounts file system etc...  but
> after "Freeing unused kernel memory: 96k init" no
> prompt - Initial
> debug shows that the kernel is executing some of the
> interrupt routines (sandpoint_get_irq(),
> openpic_irq() etc ).
> However I'm not sure if this is indicative of an
> error in the changes above or just the fact that the
> kernel isn't doing
> anything else but service irq's.
> Any help/pointers would be gratefully received.
> --
> Regards, John

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