ppc_8xx-gcc 2.95.3 Monta Vista does not do ANY loop unrolling

Mark Hatle fray at mvista.com
Wed Nov 13 06:56:46 EST 2002

 From one of our compiler guys in relationship to your original question:

 > Later Alan Cox pointed out that my changes makes x86 run slower and it turns
 > out that on x86 and a fairly new gcc will automatically unroll loops 'where
 > appropriate'

Fairly new: 3.3-pre only.

Now I wonder:
 > Is this a gcc 2.95.3, PPC or Monta Vista limitation?


 > Which compiler will do unrolling 'where appropriate' for 8xx PPC and
 > Where can I get a precompiled version?

Nowhere, nor is using it for your kernels necessarily a good idea if
you don't have compiler experience.

> I know Dan is handling the enet stuff, but since you both work

Dan no longer works for MontaVista.  (And has not for some time now.)

> for MV(don't you?) I figured you might know, being an insider and all :-)
> Maybe your tweak stuff could make use of forced unrolling?
>  Jocke

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