Using ioctl from with the kernel ???

Stephan Linke Stephan.Linke at
Wed Nov 13 02:07:21 EST 2002

Hello Steven,

Your right IOCTL is not applicable for this. You can simply call the driver
functions directly. If these functions are called different from different
context(s) (like your driver and the IOCTL function) you have to add some
protection mechanism. (The code is not reentrant right?) You may try
spin_lock() for this job (linux/spinlock.h). If you are calling the
functions from interrupt contect too some extra protection is required...

Regards, Stephan

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> Hi there,
> I use a device driver (/dev/status_led from DENX) to manipulate
> some frontpanel
> LEDs from user space via some ioctls.
> Now I'd like to access them from the kernel space. How can I do
> that? AFAIK I
> can't use fopen and ioctl...
> Thanks,
> Steven

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