TDM (E1) transport over ATM AAL1

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Um, it's rather difficult to say without knowing *anything* about your
hardware.  Embedded PowerPC cores vary considerably in performance between
models/make.  You also don't mention how many interrupts you expect per
second - is there going to be an interrupt per ATM cell?


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Hi, I am starting to develop a project for TDM
transport (E1 at 2048k bits/sec) over ATM AAL1 using
embedded linux on PowerPC.
This application is defined in the ATM FORUM
specification 'af-vtoa-0078.000' (Circuit Emulation
Service Interoperability Specification)
I would like to know if anyone has experienced this
kind of application.
I am worried about the PowerPC performance, it would
have to route about 5.5k ATM AAL1 cells/sec, and the
adaptative clock recovery method.


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