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Yu Bo-BOYU1 Bo.Yu at
Tue Nov 5 09:05:20 EST 2002


The linux object did not go very far on my custom board. As soon as it
itself then it hang silently. The last printout is "Now booting the kernel".

I am trying to understand why printk() did not print out even one character
as this
function is called at very beginning of start_kernel(). I had the following

1. What does this statement mean in kernel/printk.c ?

__setup("console=", console_setup);

2. How does the underneath driver of printk() is initialized? If printk() is
called before
init_IRQ(). I assume it can only push characters out instead of accepting
input just
like putc() or serial_putc() before uncompessing linux. But after intense
search inside
linux source code, I am still puzzled...

This is the boot log.
Starting at 0x800000...

loaded at: 00800000 0089E1BC
zimage at: 00805870 0089AC70
avail ram: 00400000 00800000

Linux/PPC load:
Uncompressing Linux...done.
Now booting the kernel



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