dc* (Data Cache) instructions in mem*() and *_page() functions not used on 8xx

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at lumentis.se
Mon Nov 4 21:25:08 EST 2002

> Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
> > I don't follow you here, do you need to do all this for a modern(>=D4) 8xx CPU?
> Yes.  On "working" silicon, the dcbz (among others) requires special
> processing.....probably enough to ensure it costs more to use this
> instruction in a general purpose case.

hmm, then I asume that a "working" 8xx is different from any other PPC that
uses the dcbz? All other PPC arches are allowed to use the dcbz instruction.

> > I hope not, but something needs to be done since copytofrom_user does not
> > work for me.
> What do you mean it doesn't work?  It should work fine if you don't
> try to use the dcbz.  That is, leave the code alone.  The bigger problem
> is the newer glibc library has to be modified to conditionally not use
> this as well.

I mean that if I remove the #ifndef CONFIG_8xx restrictions in __copy_fromto_user(),
linux does not work anymore(init hangs). That was the experiment I did earlier in this thread.

clear_page() and copy_page() work fine if I remove #ifndef CONFIG_8xx.
I removed the #ifndef CONFIG_8xx in cacheble_memcpy() and cacheble_memzero() also but
these seems to unused.

> > The same resoning goes for the new option. If you have a new enough(>=D4) CPU,
> > then you can enable this optimization(I think?!).
> I don't know.  Linux is the only OS that will cause VM faults on a dcbz,
> maybe it will never work.  Until someone verifies it works on the newer
> silicon we can't assume it will.  This certainly isn't a reason to not use
> the processor or not ship products.......

Right, I quite like the 860 and even more the 862P(100MHz) I just got :-)


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