powerpc cross tools question

Keith Outwater Keith_Outwater at mvis.com
Tue Mar 26 06:34:29 EST 2002

Greetings all -
I built the powerpc-linux cross toolset from source using the
cross-compiling mini-howto on www.penguinppc.org.  I am running x86
linux (RH 7.2).

I followed the mini-howto to the letter, but I have two problems:
1. I must manually edit /usr/local/powerpc-linux/lib/libc.so to change
the paths from /lib/... to /usr/local/powerpc-linux/lib...

2. When I compile applications, certain #defines are missing such as
PATH_MAX.  It appears that /usr/local/powerpc-linux/include is not in
the compilers default search path (manually adding it allows the
application to compile successfully).

Has anyone used the mini-howto to build the cross tool chain?  Any


Keith Outwater
Sr. Staff Engineer
Microvision, Inc.

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