MPC8xx, FEC and DP83847 !?

Dan Malek dan at
Fri Mar 22 06:34:03 EST 2002

Steven Scholz wrote:

>> The Motorola reference boards use port D for MII, but we
>> used PCMCIA/port A pins instead.
> Why would you probably do this?

If someone is doing this, please send me some patches for the
driver when you get it working.  All of the 857s I have seen
are still using Port D for the FEC.  I guess I could make the
changes if someone else can test them.

> I supposed you're using PORT D for something else!?

The intention is to also be able to use Port D for the ATM UTOPIA
so you can have 10/100 and ATM on the same part.  This is really
the purpose of the 857, although I have yet to see anyone use it
that way :-).

	-- Dan

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