MPC8xx, FEC and DP83847 !?

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Fri Mar 22 05:25:38 EST 2002

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> Ok. Since there are special options in DENX kernel for LXT, AMD and QS I
> thought special support for these PHYs is neccessary. Maybe only if you
> want to use the vendor specific special registers of the PHYs in
> addition to the standart MII register!?

It depends on hwat you have to do, and an the PHY.

In most cases ypu can just switch off the whole MDIO stuff  and  rely
on  autonegotiation; the only thing you lose is a kernel message when
the link status changes. Of course this requires sane hardware, which
is not always the case :-(

> > The Motorola reference boards use port D for MII, but we
> > used PCMCIA/port A pins instead.
> Why would you probably do this?
> I supposed you're using PORT D for something else!?


> It would be really interessting to know...

See the ICU862 configuration in our sources. They do the same  thing,
and had similar problems...

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