Strange Ethernet

David Marqvar (DAM) DAM at
Mon Mar 18 21:05:01 EST 2002

We have a very strange problem with ethernet.
We have a "standard" MPC8xxFADS with a MPC823 daugther-board.

The strange thing is that the ethernet does work when we connect the
ethernet port (on target) directly to another computer (with a 3com netcard)
using a crossed cable. And it does work when we connect it directly to some
big HP switch.
But it does NOT work if we connect the target to a little 5-ports hub
("Edimax", dual speed). There is transmission acording to the LEDs, but we
don't get any response. The ethernet is just not working.

What do you think of that?
Is it the HUB that is not working correctly? It was probably very cheep....

Regards, David

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