[PATCH] another for ibm_ocp_enet gzip'd

andrew may acmay at acmay.homeip.net
Sat Mar 16 06:41:37 EST 2002

This patch includes the last patch that I sent before the
directory move, plus some more stuff.

1. Fix merge error with MAX_NUM_PHYS in find phy loop.
(the for loop condition should match the if check)

2. Fix bad Partner Link check for the added Phy.

3. added mal.sh to generate a new ibm_ocp_mal.c
        mal.sh  DCRN_MAL_BASE >ibm_ocp_mal.c
or      mal.sh  DCRN_MAL_BASE DCRN_MAL1_BASE >ibm_ocp_mal.c
will work. It seems that the second on generates a smaller
object file even though the code is bigger for the 405GP.
I would think it is because MAL1 is 0.
This condenses all the get/set mal calls into one for get
and one for set. I also changed mal_num to mal, just to help
me find/change things.

I think this is a better approach than what was in the _mal.c,
but I didn't change the makefile to generate the code on the
fly yet.

4. Added skb_res as a module param and config.in option.

5. Created rx_clean/fill functions to remove duplicate code
in open and the 2 rx interrupts.

6. Handle dev_alloc failures better by retrying to alloc before
the rxde interrupt.

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