Transfer files via terminal (Zmodem)

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Sat Mar 16 00:49:37 EST 2002

In message <E8F83D6D2A6AD3118E0300902786A2050237142D at NTEX>, "David Marqvar (DAM
)" writes:

> > > Has anyone compiled sz/rz for ppc (MPC823) in order to use ZModem to
> > > transfer files via terminal connection to the target?
> > > Or, is the some other way of transferring files to my embedded system.
> > > I'm connected to it using a terminal (minicom, kermit). No network.
> > ppcboot supports kermit.
> > most of us just use srecords over a plain ascii connection.
> I want to do it directly within Linux after boot.
> (I'm currently running Busybox).
> I'm looking for a small Linux-util to reviece files from the serial line.

Try, it's GPL, it works for me
(together with minicom).


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