Formatting JFFS2 Flash

Billalabeitia, Jose Carlos (IndSys, GEPM) jc.billalabeitia at
Thu Mar 14 19:13:53 EST 2002

Hi Alex:

First of all, thank you for your answer. You wrote:

> Did you initialise the FS with
> cat jffs2.image > /dev/mtd0
> before you tried to mount /mtdblock0 ?

	I tried it in two ways, and in both of them
I got the same result:

	1.- By flashing "jffs2.image" directly to
	    its location address.

	2.- cp jffs2.image /dev/mtd0

and then mounting it into the system.

> Did you use an empty directory with mkfs.jffs2
> to make your jffs2.image?  This doesn't work
> - you end up with a 0 length jffs2.image!

	No, the directory is not empty.

					Thank you

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