ppc405_dma warnings

Armin akuster at pacbell.net
Thu Mar 14 08:04:02 EST 2002

David Gibson wrote:
> Armin,
> ppc405_dma.c has several constructs like:
> 	p_dma_ch->polarity = polarity & GET_DMA_POLARITY(0);
> where GET_DMA_POLARITY() is defined:
> 	#define GET_DMA_POLARITY(chan) DMAReq##chan##_ActiveLow | \
> 		DMAAck##chan##_ActiveLow | EOT##chan##_ActiveLow
> Note the macro has no parentheses around its definition, which is
> unusual.  IIRC C precedence will mean this code turns out as:
> 	p_dma_ch->polarity = (polarity & DMAReq0_ActiveLow) | \
> 		DMAAck0_ActiveLow | EOT0_ActiveLow
> which looks wrong to me and if correct is an insane use of a macro.
> It's also giving compiler warnings.
> I'm guessing that the macro should just get parentheses, but that's a
> semantic change so I don't want to make it without knowing for sure.
> Could you check this?
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Thanks.. I missed the parentheses.  The macro is there to allow me to
use the same driver for the 405gp dma and the stb0xxxx cpu since the the
stbxxxx does not have a polarity.  I could have poluted the driver with
#ifdefs or mask the deltas with a few macros.  I went with macros.


PS I am insane

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