Formatting JFFS2 Flash

Alex Zeffertt ajz at
Thu Mar 14 04:53:46 EST 2002


Did you initialise the FS with

cat jffs2.image > /dev/mtd0

before you tried to mount /mtdblock0 ?

If you did not, then kernel threads will indeed start formatting the FS after you mount it.

2nd question:

Did you use an empty directory with mkfs.jffs2 to make your jffs2.image?  This doesn't work - you
end up with a 0 length jffs2.image!  If this was the case then even if you did initialise the FS
with "cat jffs2.image > /dev/mtd0" you will still find the kernel threads format the FS after you
mount it.

I think this is a bug - the workaround is to use a non-empty folder to make your jffs2.image from.


Billalabeitia, Jose Carlos (IndSys, GEPM) wrote:

> Hi:
> 	I have a PPC 860T custom board with kernel
> 2.4.4-2001-11-11-denx and rtai-24.1.4-2-denx. I have
> a JFFS2 filesystem on 14MB Flash. I make an initial
> filesystem with the "mkfs.jffs2" utility, and the first time
> I copy a 1MB file into it, it takes about 2 minutes, and
> then on it takes 10 seconds to copy into it the same file.
> I suppose that the first time, jffs2 is doing something like
> "formatting" the flash.
> Does anybody out there know how to do this "formatting"
> in a smarter way?
> 				Thank you
> 					Billa

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