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Tue Mar 12 08:03:14 EST 2002

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> > Does anyone know where I might get some code to support Motorola 8260
> > Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for Linux.
> The controller set up is trivial, just copy the guts of managing BDs
> from something else, like I2C.  The SPI implementations typically have
> board specific methods for device selection and devices that may be
> sensitive to whether the clock keeps running.  A generic driver is

... and devices that need frame sync signals, etc.

SPI looks fine as long as you just look at the specification, but you
soon discover the ugly side when you have to use it.

> challenging due to these board variations, but a skeleton driver
> would be useful.
> Wolfgang, do you have something that isn't checked into BK sources :-)?

Nothing for the 8260.

In PPCBoot there is a polled  mode  driver  (cpu/mpc8xx/spi.c)  which
could easily be adapted.

The Linux stuff we have on 8xx is (1) not really ready  yet  and  (2)
extremely  special  (building  a multiprocessor system from a 823 and
two DSP's).

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