Undefined refence error

satya kumar i_satya at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 7 18:01:48 EST 2002

Hai All,
My First mail to this group.Not a master , only a
newbie ,so please bear with me.
I have successfully compiled the binutils, gcc for
powerpc. Now I went for compiling glibc, which is
giving some problems, so I left it and proceeded with
compiling the kernel.
Now it is giving following error message when I do
make zImage
mm/mm.o: In function `__free_pages_ok':
mm/mm.o(.text+0xdee4): undefined reference to
mm/mm.o(.text+0xdee4): relocation truncated to fit:
R_PPC_REL24 __test_and_change_bit
mm/mm.o: In function `rmqueue':
mm/mm.o(.text+0xe0f8): undefined reference to
mm/mm.o(.text+0xe0f8): relocation truncated to fit:
R_PPC_REL24 __change_bit
mm/mm.o(.text+0xe190): undefined reference to
mm/mm.o(.text+0xe190): relocation truncated to fit:
R_PPC_REL24 __change_bit
make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

Please help me out.I am stuck. I am compiling it for a
MPC860 board. I have selected the machine type as MBX
during configuring/compiling kernel( Is it right).

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