linux-2.4.18 & copy-back cache mode

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Mar 7 04:09:41 EST 2002

In message <3C8643B7.60506 at> you wrote:
> it was tracked down to a UPM/SDRAM timing problem.  People keep talking
> about running > 50 MHz bus on these newer parts, is there something
> different about the memory controller that allows this and may cause
> compatibility problems?  I have (fortunately :-) not looked at this
> level of detail in the newer parts.

There are no differences AFAIK. It's just a faster CPU that allows 66
or even 76 MHz with 1:1 CPU/bus clock mode.

We have a MPC823E system here that runs at 66 MHz, and I will have  a
MPC855T  at 66MHz in 18 hours from now. So far I didn't encounter any
problems - of course you have to adjust the UPM tables and what  else
you need to initialize the memory controller.

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