execve system call question

Sangmoon Kim dogoil at etinsys.com
Mon Mar 4 12:20:44 EST 2002

Hi Kerl, John,

I got the bash prompt

I changed the hardware with some jump wire so that the serial port is located at 0xff000000.

Thank you!
- Sangmoon Kim -

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> I do not know for certain that all I/O must be above 0xc0000000.
> However, I do know once I moved all my I/O above 0xc0000000,
> my board no longer hung while starting init.
> Note that 0xc0000000 and up is used for kernel RAM.  So, don't
> put a device at 0xc0000000.  And you may have flash around
> 0xfff00000; if so, that is another place to avoid.
> I would strongly suggest moving your serial port to, say, 0xf0000000.
> I do know that your symptoms resemble the symptoms that I saw,
> and that at least two other people saw.
> Can you try it out?
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> Hi Kerl, John
> > I found on this mailing list that the IMMR must be located
> > *above* 0xc0000000.  For example, 0xf0000000.
> The MPC755 doesn't have IMMR.
> If it means all the I/O should be located above 0xf0000000 please let me
> know.
> My board has a serial port at 0x78000000.
> Thank you!

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